City of Martins Ferry

City Council Committees

Committee meetings are set by the committee chairman on an as needed basis. Committee reports are given at regularly scheduled City Council meetings. Below is the list of Council Committees:

  • Annexation: Schramm, Rodgers, Burns
  • Cemetery: Burns, Hunker, Shrodes
  • Code Administration: Regis, Rodgers, Burns
  • Enterprise Zone: Burns, Shrodes, Armstrong
  • Finance and Audit: Regis, Hunker, Rodgers
  • Fireman’s Dependency Fund: Regis, Schramm, Hunker
  • Income Tax: Armstrong, Hunker, Regis
  • Liaison to Chamber of Commerce: Rodgers, Armstrong
  • Liaison to Development Dept.: Rodgers, Armstrong
  • Liaison to Park Commission: Burns, Schramm
  • Liaison to Supervisor Meetings: Schramm, Shrodes
  • Off-street Parking: Shrodes, Armstrong, Regis
  • Ordinance: Shrodes, Armstrong, Regis
  • Public Relations: Rodgers, Schramm, Armstrong
  • Real Estate: Hunker,Burns, Regis
  • Revolving Loan Fund: Shrodes, Regis, Hunker
  • Safety: Schramm, Regis, Rodgers
  • Service: Shrodes, Burns, Hunker
  • Sewer/Sidewalk: Hunker, Burns, Schramm
  • Street: Rodgers, Schramm, Armstrong