City of Martins Ferry

Safety Director

Safety Director
Jack Regis Jr.

Contact Information
(740) 633-2876


  • To provide the best police, fire, and EMS protection for our citizens.
  • To establish procedural policies in all safety services.
  • Consistently?examine and audit the performance of each safety agency.

Under the direction of the Mayor, the Director of Public Safety is the executive head of the Police and Fire Departments. The Director has all regulatory duties connected with and incidental to the appointment, regulation, and governing of these departments except as otherwise provided by law.

Other powers of the Director of Public Safety include but are not limited to:

  • Authority to choose and employ a Code Administrator with approval and confirmation of Council
  • Place and maintain traffic control devices upon any street within his jurisdiction
  • Close any street or portion thereof to vehicular traffic which is in the process of construction, reconstruction or repair
  • Administer and enforce zoning code provisions
  • Designate any intersection as a stop intersection and require all vehicles to stop at one or more entrances to such intersection
  • Regulate or prohibit the stopping, standing and parking of vehicles on streets, alleys or public property by erecting signs plainly indicating the prohibitions, restrictions or limitations
  • Designate truck routes and streets or parts thereof where either a weight limit restriction or truck exclusion has been imposed by rule or regulation provided such is not in conflict with any legislation
  • Administer all provisions of the Building Code.

For more information on the powers of the Director of Public Safety, please consult the Codified Ordinances of the City of Martins Ferry (available online or in the Mayor?s Office).