City of Martins Ferry

2016 Brings Change to Martins Ferry

Posted on: January 1, 2016

Along with getting used to writing 2016 when dating their checks, Ferrians will have a number of new city officials in new positions to get to know as well, beginning with new Martins Ferry Mayor Bob Krajnyak. Citizens already know Krajnyak from his years of service as City Councilman as well as his previous term as mayor from 1996-2000.

Other new city officials include Councilman Ben Neiman who will be serving his first term as Councilman at Large and Councilman Bob Hunker who will be returning to City Council after a two year absence to serve the citizens of the 1st Ward.

Along with the new elected officials, some administrative faces will also change. ?Chris Cleary, who served the last four years as a Councilman at Large has been appointed by Mayor Krajnyak to the position of City Service Director. ?Cleary last served in this position at the end of the 1990’s.

Although most positions have been decided, there remains a number of important positions which need to be filled. ?City Council’s 2nd and 3rd Ward seats are open as well as one Council at Large position. Citizens are encouraged to consider applying to fill these important legislative seats which play a vital role in shaping our city’s future.