City of Martins Ferry

City Safety Levies on Ballot This November 3rd

Posted on: October 26, 2015

Martins Ferry’s Safety Forces are asking for the citizens’ help this November 3rd to maintain their level of service to the community.

The Volunteer Fire Department is seeking a renewal of a 1-mil 5 year fire apparatus levy. ?A ‘yes’ vote for the renewal of this levy will not add one cent to property taxes and will allow the department to maintain the Insurance Services Organization’s highest rating possible for a volunteer fire department. ?This rating translates to lower costs for property owner’s insurance premiums.

Renewal of this levy will allow the department to maintain the highest quality front line equipment possible for the citizens and the volunteer fire fighters.

The Martins Ferry Police Department is also asking for help from the citizens. ?If approved, the 5-mil levy being sought would fill the budget gap caused by cuts to Local Government Funding by the State of Ohio over the past several years. These drastic cuts to funding have forced safety departments throughout the state to seek revenues through local levies or face cuts to safety services.

The Martins Ferry Police Department is comprised of some of the most qualified and experienced officers in the Ohio Valley and is a proud member of the Belmont County Drug Task Force. ?Martins Ferry Police Chief John McFarland serves as Task Force Commander.

A ‘yes’ vote on the Police Levy will allow the department to maintain its current number?of 13 full time officers as they continue their work of protecting our citizens.