City of Martins Ferry


Martins Ferry enjoys the honor of being the oldest settlement in the state of Ohio, having been settled at least as early as 1779. The community was a westward extension of the city of Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia), but, at that time, settlement on the west bank of the Ohio River was not permitted. The town was disbanded a couple of times before finally becoming permanent in 1785. In 1835, Ebenezer Martin, the son of Absalom Martin, one of the city’s earliest settlers, redesigned the town with a grid system of streets, much of which survives to this day. It was from this family that Martins Ferry took its name.

The Administration and Council are working hard to make Martins Ferry a great place to live, work, and play. With a focus on quality of life, the local government has been doing the hard work of reinventing a new Martins Ferry thereby reclaiming our place as the Pride of the Valley.

The future of Martins Ferry continues to look bright with new businesses moving in and a new commitment to community development. Citizens are strongly encouraged to become involved in shaping the future of their hometown.