City of Martins Ferry

Recycling Pilot Program Coming to Martins Ferry

Posted on: October 6, 2013

Mayor Paul Riethmiller is pleased to announce that Martins Ferry has been chosen by the JB Green Team to be the Belmont County site of a Pilot Recycling Program. ?The City is in the process of seeking interested 1st Ward Residents to become a part of the experimental process.

1st Ward residents were recently sent informational mailings encouraging participation in the program. ?A maximum of 400 households are needed and residents are asked to contact the Mayor’s office at 633-2876 if they wish to participate.

The participating residents will receive a 65 gallon recycling material container and instructions on what materials can be recycled.

The program is designed to reduce the amount of material going to landfills and thereby helping to keep the City’s sanitation costs as low as possible. ?If the pilot program is deemed a success it could be expanded to the entire City and ultimately throughout Belmont County.